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HUSH HEART DROP BOX - to help out Em [18 Feb 2008|10:25pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


Even if you are not participating in HUSH HEARTS, you can leave any Valentines here for other members to "pick up."

If you ARE participating in Hush Hearts, please drop off your valentine following this format:


ACCIO post secret [10 Nov 2007|09:59am]

So last night I had a study group with some friends and we created a "Classics Post Secret Wall" on one of the whiteboards. I took pictures of it and transformed a few into post-secretesque graphics.

Lets start a Post Secret of our own! Reply (anonymously if you wish) with a secret or more!


Inter-house Spooking! [31 Oct 2007|04:05pm]


How it worksCollapse )

ACCIO LOVE [14 Feb 2007|03:22pm]



[06 Feb 2007|04:03pm]


And in honor of today here is a wallpaper I made last week!

Whee [15 Jan 2007|09:04pm]

I just adopted an icontest community

hpcast_hush <--- YAY!

Unfortunately, it's kind of dead so now I have to figure out how to bring it back to life. *attempts to resuscitate it* LIVE ICON COMMUNITY LIVE!!!!

Okay, that's probably not going to work...

*goes off to spam it in various comms*

So uhm...in other news, I have finals tomorrow. So I should be studying >>;;; *scurries*


Introducing yourself: the fun way! =) [13 Jan 2007|01:37am]

I am what you see, and what you want me to be, but I will not change my world just to fit your needsCollapse )

mewackbit [12 Jan 2007|10:31pm]

The third to post of the 4 founders. Em informed me of the whole thing after my inquiry to the reasonings behind it. An idea created after my departure for subconscious bliss. They can't come up with anything in my presence, now can they? Oh well, I love the three none the less. But it is my duty to boast about myself, how else would my ego rise if I don't give others reasons to praise me?

Narcissistic ram dancing upon a scale of moonsCollapse )


Positions of Power [10 Jan 2007|01:53pm]


As described in my last Community Newsletter elections for PIPs (Positions of Power) will be coming up. The Founders have not picked an exact date just yet but our intention is to place it after this first competition, in order to see examples of individual member performance as well as in unity with and representing their house.


Anyone know how to make layouts for LJ?? [06 Jan 2007|06:39pm]

[ mood | content ]

I would love to have a great looking profile like so many of you have, but I don't know how. Would anyone be willing to show me how, or, if anyone has time, to make one for me? Even if you have an easy to follow tutorial, that would be beneficial. I mean...i'm an idiot when it comes to CSS and html. I really only know the basics...so any help would me much appreciated!!



ACCIO has been open for nearly a month now. The other founders and myself opened the community with the intention of letting the first month move very slowly due to the holidays. Now that the season for such is over things are finally going to start to pick up. Long ago constructed activities and systems are going to be introduced. I will outline the most prominent of chances in this newsletter:

- House Sorting Applications will now consist in moderated post sets. New sets will be introduced every Sunday which provides one week for everyone to vote. Not only does this limit the number of votes a application will have when stamped but it also limits the amount of time you have to vote and give your house valuable points. While there are various ways in which to earn your house points House Sorting Votes are the most essential aspect because it keeps the community running for new members. 
House Sorting Votes will be counted according to the following:
15 points for a regular, 1-4 sentence vote. (ie: I think you are a Gryffindor because you are very bold and athletetic.)
20 points for a lengthy, 5+ sentence vote. (ie: A nice paragraph or more with well developed reasoning, ect.)

- The House Cup Competition is now up. You have until the 25th of February to get your entries in. That may seem like plenty of time but the sooner you start the better chance your house will have at taking the lead.

-PIP Elections will be held shortly. The exact date is yet to be determined but it is never too early to familarize yourself with what qualities are being asked for each position. Doing so will help you decide if you feel like you would like to apply when the time comes and most importantly know what to look for in other members so you can make the best decision when voting on candidates. 

-Stamping Applications are still unavailable for Character Stamping and Animagus-Patronus Stamping. We are withholding them for the time being simply because we want you to concentrate on voting in house sorting instead. People have been asking about when they will be up and when they are we will definately let you know! Until then keep up with those wonderful house analysis votes! 

- All the sub-comms, with the above exception, are now open! This means that points will start to pour in quickly from all sorts of areas. The houses will be getting rich, but who's will be the richest? Take a peek at all the ways you can contribute and gain your house some wealth!

Jenna, Ari, Angela, and I are so excited that ACCIO is open and running. The strongest source of our glee is you members. We loved welcoming you then turning round and seeing you do the very same thing for other new members. As much time and effort it took to create and open ACCIO it would be absolutely nothing if it were not for you. So thank you, from us all for bringing yourself and all the wonderful things you have to offer to ACCIO. Thank you!


[01 Jan 2007|04:18am]



May it be a good one for all of us.

A small confused post [30 Dec 2006|11:11pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I really don't want to lose house points or anything so I'll make this quick and to the point. We're all getting nicely sorted now and I think a read a post about getting a house cup thing started. I know there's a character stamping application of sorts on the way, should we be thinking about who we want to be? Are we supposed to be Cannon characters? Do we have to be? Is there a mix? Are there guidelines somewhere for OC's? I'm just confused about the character thing. Can we be the opposite gender? teachers? students? what are the rules? did I miss the fine print on this somewhere?

Now I'll shut up so Puff won't be starting out in the red . . .

oh and does anyone know where I can get a couple of good Puff icons?? I have no Photoshop or anything on my puter at the moment so I need to get them readymade . . .

*hides* T


So my boyfriend looks like Draco [26 Dec 2006|09:47pm]

[ mood | meh.... ]

I've decided I'm a pretty lucky chick because my boyfriend really reminds me of Draco. i noticed it because he always has to wear black pants, a white collar shirt, and a tie to work. it could be a school uniform. HAWT. He ALMOST dressed as a Slytherin for this Halloween...there would have been inappropriate things going on if he had done that...because I SO would have been a very corruptable Gryffindor. Only I think he looks funny with his hair slicked back.

Does it say anywhere in the book that he always has his hair slicked back?? Glad the boyfriend doesn't always wear his hair that way, though...also his hair's also a bit darker...not the white blonde that JK writes about, but i don't really care. close enough.


[24 Dec 2006|05:45pm]


ATTENTION all bookworms! [23 Dec 2006|03:56am]


The ACCIO Book Club is now open for membership. If it is something you are interested fo ahead and join up! There is now an Essay Prompt available for all new members! So head on over and take a peek at the user-info! 

Deputy Head Mistress and Book Club President Emalise

In dreams we enter a world that's entirely our own...AND I LIKE IT, DAMN! [22 Dec 2006|03:04pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

I think all those 'OMG,7THBOOK'STITLESQUEE!!' posts on my friends' page had a weird effect on my mind...

I had a fantastic dream last night. I can't remember why or how, but I was in some sort of cave with Gary Oldman/Sirius and we were running away for who knows what. As we kept on running away through passages, tunnels, corridors, I began to realise I was falling in love with him and somehow we ended up GETTING MARRIED during our escape. Then we came into a large room (very much like the Gryffindors' common room, actually), and while we were hiding in a corner we talked to the people in the room. At some point a girl who was lying on the sofa asked me how it was like to be married, as she believed it was basically the same as being just engaged, and I began to tell her 'No! It's more! I love him so much, I love him even more!'. While I was happily snogging him, I woke up...typical. And obviously it was one of those astonishingly vivid dreams, it felt like I was really in love with him and snogging him, but I'll censor myself.

And in case you're wondering...yes, it's partially your fault. Look what Harry Potter has done to me.


[19 Dec 2006|04:04pm]


Sorry, that was a bit much. I'm one of the only ones left in the dorms right now and I just need to share my joy! As stressful as these past few months have been I look back and realize I have learned so much! And I get to go home!

Mid-semester....I am biting The Rule of St.Benedict in frustation. Seriously...laughter...forbidden? Wow, I look rather frightening. 

DHM Emalise - Ravenclaw HOH

You HAVE to see this [17 Dec 2006|11:27pm]

My mom sent this link to me, to get my opinion on this site and what it's talking about and... I think just about burst my seams laughing. I'm still giggling.

It's on about being related to quantum physics and how reading certain number patters or looking at certain colours or fractal geometry will some how make your DNA (which, acording to them, is the source of our PERFECT blue print. Get that, perfect blue print? pha!) and so it will then replicate better and release you of your worries and your toxins and make you feel perfect and renewed the next day! Because reading numbers made your DNA happy.

Because, ya know, your DNA can actually think and feel things.

*falls over laughing ass off*

Seriously, this may be showing off my more Claw side but it's hillarious.

Quantum K


*waves* [15 Dec 2006|11:50am]

I've been recently sorted into Gryffindor, so I thought I'd say hi in the great hall as well! For those who know me...HAHAHA I'M EVERYWHERE! For those who don't...I'm looking forward to meeting you all! ^_^

I have nothing intelligent to say this morning, so I'll choose a random statement. I went to the gym yesterday because I couldn't stand being on books anymore but I might have exaggerated...my arms hurt so much I can barely stretch them...


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