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ACCIO has been open for nearly a month now. The other founders and myself opened the community with the intention of letting the first month move very slowly due to the holidays. Now that the season for such is over things are finally going to start to pick up. Long ago constructed activities and systems are going to be introduced. I will outline the most prominent of chances in this newsletter:

- House Sorting Applications will now consist in moderated post sets. New sets will be introduced every Sunday which provides one week for everyone to vote. Not only does this limit the number of votes a application will have when stamped but it also limits the amount of time you have to vote and give your house valuable points. While there are various ways in which to earn your house points House Sorting Votes are the most essential aspect because it keeps the community running for new members. 
House Sorting Votes will be counted according to the following:
15 points for a regular, 1-4 sentence vote. (ie: I think you are a Gryffindor because you are very bold and athletetic.)
20 points for a lengthy, 5+ sentence vote. (ie: A nice paragraph or more with well developed reasoning, ect.)

- The House Cup Competition is now up. You have until the 25th of February to get your entries in. That may seem like plenty of time but the sooner you start the better chance your house will have at taking the lead.

-PIP Elections will be held shortly. The exact date is yet to be determined but it is never too early to familarize yourself with what qualities are being asked for each position. Doing so will help you decide if you feel like you would like to apply when the time comes and most importantly know what to look for in other members so you can make the best decision when voting on candidates. 

-Stamping Applications are still unavailable for Character Stamping and Animagus-Patronus Stamping. We are withholding them for the time being simply because we want you to concentrate on voting in house sorting instead. People have been asking about when they will be up and when they are we will definately let you know! Until then keep up with those wonderful house analysis votes! 

- All the sub-comms, with the above exception, are now open! This means that points will start to pour in quickly from all sorts of areas. The houses will be getting rich, but who's will be the richest? Take a peek at all the ways you can contribute and gain your house some wealth!

Jenna, Ari, Angela, and I are so excited that ACCIO is open and running. The strongest source of our glee is you members. We loved welcoming you then turning round and seeing you do the very same thing for other new members. As much time and effort it took to create and open ACCIO it would be absolutely nothing if it were not for you. So thank you, from us all for bringing yourself and all the wonderful things you have to offer to ACCIO. Thank you!

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