seiya (starsniper) wrote in accio_greathall,


I just adopted an icontest community

hpcast_hush <--- YAY!

Unfortunately, it's kind of dead so now I have to figure out how to bring it back to life. *attempts to resuscitate it* LIVE ICON COMMUNITY LIVE!!!!

Okay, that's probably not going to work...

*goes off to spam it in various comms*

So other news, I have finals tomorrow. So I should be studying >>;;; *scurries*

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As I always say, its not "Good luck on your finals!" but rather "Have fun getting an A!"

And perhaps your adopted comm could become an affiliate of ACCIO...that would most certainly help both.
oooh...good idea!
I can do that :D *goes off to add comm to affliates list*
Okay Abby, this is a realllly old entry so i can leave you a comment here without anyone seeing it:)
The reason I wanted to get a hold of you is Em and I were both hoping that you might be interested in being putting in for the Ravenclaw HOH spot. WE ran one election but only one claw put in and didn't even read the application rules. I think Em is hoping you will because as of right now (and since we don't know much about the newest claws that were stamped) , you are the best damn ravenclaw she has over there.
You may want to get with Em and talk to her about it if you are since its her house and her choice and all that. Anyway, hope you will!
P.S. if you are still running that hp hush comm and would like to affiliate it with accio, i'm sure the other founders would love to:)
Awwww. I'm honored =) I'd actually have loved to run but I chose not to because of the schoolwork that's been bogging me down as of late. However, I'll be pretty much free after May 17th because AP exams will be done and then all I have to worry about is the SAT in June and finals (of which, I'm only taking 3 or 4 this time around)

My poor community has suffered as well because I've been unable to keep up with anything besides commenting on a few entries on my friends list and updating my own journal. I'll update you with more stuffs soon, but yeah, I'd love to run. I'll try and get online sometime this weekend =)
Hmmm...I just read the application for the prospective Head Girl, and I vote absolutely not. She did not put any thought into the application and I have no feel for who she is and it seems like she's trying to push a house.
Wonderful:) were running another claw election at the end of May so keep an eye out for that! Em will be thrilled lol