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In dreams we enter a world that's entirely our own...AND I LIKE IT, DAMN!

I think all those 'OMG,7THBOOK'STITLESQUEE!!' posts on my friends' page had a weird effect on my mind...

I had a fantastic dream last night. I can't remember why or how, but I was in some sort of cave with Gary Oldman/Sirius and we were running away for who knows what. As we kept on running away through passages, tunnels, corridors, I began to realise I was falling in love with him and somehow we ended up GETTING MARRIED during our escape. Then we came into a large room (very much like the Gryffindors' common room, actually), and while we were hiding in a corner we talked to the people in the room. At some point a girl who was lying on the sofa asked me how it was like to be married, as she believed it was basically the same as being just engaged, and I began to tell her 'No! It's more! I love him so much, I love him even more!'. While I was happily snogging him, I woke up...typical. And obviously it was one of those astonishingly vivid dreams, it felt like I was really in love with him and snogging him, but I'll censor myself.

And in case you're wondering...yes, it's partially your fault. Look what Harry Potter has done to me.
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