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ACCIO - Great Hall

Hogwarts Great Hall
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ACCIO is no longer an active community. For communicate and socializing purposes this community will remain open for any of the former members of what once ACCIO Sorting Hat.

You must be a sorted member of acciosortinghat to join this community.

ACCIO'S Deathly Hallow's Spoiler Policy

Its a sea of black robes with spots of yellow, green, red, and blue. A few students brush past you through the doorway. There are voices, some whispering or laughing, others exclaiming loudly. Books scatter the tables. Theres a faint scent of something delicious in the air. The social bustle gets you excited and you cannot help but join in! Its the Great Hall! Sure, the Common Room is awesome but why hang out there all day when you can be here with your friends from ALL the houses!?

This is the place to mingle with your fellow community members! Chat, joke, philosophize, and have a blast! You can post here about things related to HP and ACCIO or things unrelated. All that we ask is you follow the rules!

1.) Naturally, you must be a member of ACCIO to join or post here. If you are not a member of the main communit then please go to acciosortinghat first!

2.) If you have a problem with another member contact your Head of House and it will be dealt with. If the Head of House is the problem, then take your complaint directly to the Head Mistress.

3.) It is not hard to say DON'T BASH OTHER HOUSES. We ask that you be respectful and keep housebashing to an absolute MINIMUM. Constant "Stupid Hufflepuff" or "Mean Slytherin" comments and the like will be dealt with by the Head Mistress. Respect the other members. Respect others' opinions/views/beliefs. Treat them the way you would like to be treated.

4.) Please post all spoilers behind an LJ-CUT. If you do not know how to do an LJ-CUT read the LiveJournal FAQ. Spoilers include: pictures from HP movies that have yet to be released, anything to do with the movie until after it has been out on DVD/video for at least 3 months, information about book 7 or any of the upcoming movies, and large pictures.

5.) Obey LJ terms of service. Follow all LiveJournal Rules. Meaning, if you are under 13 you should not be on LiveJournal to begin with so do not even bother being here.

6.) No community advertising. We say this because there are communities out there in LiveJournal land specifically for community advertisement. If someone wants a specific type of community they will search for it. We do not want you advertising here. Please and thank you. Banning will result in the breaking of this rule.

7.) BE NICE! This community is all about unity, having fun, being who you are, and saying what you think. However, there is a difference between debating a topic and being rude to others concerning their opinion. Remember, everyone has a right to their ideas and though you may disagree it does not give you the right to put them down. Any issues you may have with members or new applicants should be directed to one of the four Founders; Ravenclaw Founder Embrosia bohemianvanity, Gryffindor Founder Angela inkquillandhope, Hufflepuff Founder Ari donatello or Slytherin Founder Jenna tez_na_nox.

8.) Most importantly, have fun! There are plenty of things to do here at ACCIO and we just want everyone to enjoy themselves. We are a pretty outgoing community and we thrive on getting to know each other over our common bond of Harry Potter, and continuing to make new friendships as we discover other common interests.

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If you wish to affiliate with this community please contact the High Mistresses at ACCIOoffice@gmail.com

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