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A small confused post

I really don't want to lose house points or anything so I'll make this quick and to the point. We're all getting nicely sorted now and I think a read a post about getting a house cup thing started. I know there's a character stamping application of sorts on the way, should we be thinking about who we want to be? Are we supposed to be Cannon characters? Do we have to be? Is there a mix? Are there guidelines somewhere for OC's? I'm just confused about the character thing. Can we be the opposite gender? teachers? students? what are the rules? did I miss the fine print on this somewhere?

Now I'll shut up so Puff won't be starting out in the red . . .

oh and does anyone know where I can get a couple of good Puff icons?? I have no Photoshop or anything on my puter at the moment so I need to get them readymade . . .

*hides* T
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