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The third to post of the 4 founders. Em informed me of the whole thing after my inquiry to the reasonings behind it. An idea created after my departure for subconscious bliss. They can't come up with anything in my presence, now can they? Oh well, I love the three none the less. But it is my duty to boast about myself, how else would my ego rise if I don't give others reasons to praise me?

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21, female, Kentucky. HA HA ASL XDD. I'm a dork. Yep, full pure bred dork.
100% natural, that means yes I do have light eyes with dark hair, my eyes are conversation starters, LOVE IT!. Once again, I am a huge dork.
I'm an expecting mother, 6 months along. It's a girl, her name is Morgan Alaska. The father and I aren't together as a couple, but we stay in contact and are civil to one another. He's off to basic training for National guard next week. Hopefully that gives him the kick in the ass he needs.
Music: I listen to it all. Ask anyone who knows me, I'm always mentioning either known bands or bands that you can't find at any CD store. I know, everyone says they listen to it all, but how many people listen to Celtic music, actually have CD's with the stuff on it? Not as many as those who claim to listen to everything. Right now I'm on a Patrick Wolf kick, his music is beautiful and mysterious. The meaning you think it is, he will turn around in an interview and call you an idiot and it be about something so basic and unheard of in music that you feel stupid.
TV: Don't watch much of that thing. If I do, Myth Busters, History Channel, (yes it's a channel), or movies if I can find any good on (Cry Baby has been on for the past week or two on HBO...YAY!!)
Movies: Psychological Thrillers. Movies that are scary and make you think. Ok, I like any movie that makes you think. So guess what...I HATE FREAKING NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! I seriously felt my IQ drop watching 5 minutes of that shitfest. I will never understand it's popularity.
Books: Anything you put in my hands. Seriously. I read the whole dictionary once. I shit you not.

Lets...see...what else. I'm an Aries...born in the year of the Ox, my moon lies just barely in Libra. I like the draw, write, dance, and mess around with Photoshop. I use to be really good at it, but my muse seems to hate me from raping her so many times. I play video games, I practice Tai Chi and meditate daily (well daily if I can find the time). I'm chaotic, very messy, and generally uncaring if it doesn't concern me directly. Only thing that alters the last part of that would be if it came down to family.

Family is my everything. Not just blood but friends. Loyalty and respect toward family is not just a Gryffindor quality. While loyalty is mostly pinned on those frisky little lions, when it comes to family, there is always a difference, and that holds true in all houses. My friends are my family, and without them, I probably wouldn't have made it through last year outside of a nut ward. Though many still believe I belong there because I have no problems with doing ANYTHING for a laugh. I'm most well known for hiding behind stop sign poles (which are way thinner than even MK Olsen can hope to be) and trying to hide from cars as they pass. Can't tell you how many will stop and just look, it's too funny.

I'm known in chats for being random. Posting or saying random things. Quack will be seen quiet often from me (and yes I say it offline too.) They love me for it, or at least they claim to.

Other than is a bit hard to describe me, per se, most of the time it takes talking to me to get to know me. I would try harder, but I don't want to write a novel.

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