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Introducing yourself: the fun way! =)


Abby. 16 going on 17. Junior at Quince Orchard High in MoCo Maryland. Asian. Specifically, Filipino-American. First generation. Oldest child of two. Crazy. Restless. Dreamer. Artist. Poet. Journalist. Writer. Pianist. Shopaholic. Single. Lost but slowly finding my way.

To explain the phrase I used in the cut, I am what people see me as, and what they'd like me to be, a lover or a friend or an acquaintance or a passing fancy. But I won't change who I am and my world view just because you want me to. Take me as I am, or not at all. It sounds a little contradictary at first, but then again, I'm a bit of a contradiction myself and I prefer it that way, becasue that means I keep an open mind that just keeps on changing. Changing means growth and with growth comes wisdom.

Like all people, I am on a neverending quest to find happiness and settlement, but I'm not looking for it so soon in my life. Naturally, since I'm young, I'm restless. There's so much in my life I'd like to do but not enough time to do, and sometimes I wish I'd live on another planet because their days are so much longer than ours depending on where you are so there'd be more time to do, well everything. What I want to do with my life is constantly changing. First, when I was a small little thing, I think I wanted to act and dance. Then I wanted to become a professional musician. Then a novelist. And thne that sort of evolved into a journalist and now that's changing even now. I want to study law and business, and further an education in music. Odd combination, but I like it. I've been playing the piano for over ten years now, and while I'd say I'm pretty good, there are so many people I know who could easily outdo me, and I think that's mostly due to the fact that I'm rather lazy when it comes to practicing =P But the talent's there, I just need to work hard to perfect. I'm going to a high school diploma in piano, so that when I graduate I can legally teach piano to younger kids. And I suppose it makes for an original thing to put on a college application. And the title in itself sounds cool.

I love to write. I wanted to be a novelist for quite some time but then I sort of figured I can't live much of a comfortable life like that, and eventually I found out I can't live any sort of comfortable life as a writer, since there's not much money in the newspaper/journalism business either. But I love to speak, so I think I'd be a good broadcast journalist. I voice my opinions often, but not in such a, how to put this, a foreward/attacking sort of way. I like to let people know what I think but I won't force my opinions on others. That's the one thing I probably despise most in people. I believe in free thought, and giving people information and letting them go run with it. I believe in persuasion. But if a person doesn't think the same way you do or doesn't agree with what you say, accept it. There's not point in shoving something down someone's throat if they don't take it willingly. To truly grasp something is to be willing to listen, and to learn.

Basically, my career path is drawn, but not definite. All the things I want to do are somehow related in a weird/offhanded type of way. I rather like the unpredictability yet somewhat constantness in my life.

I have strong ties to my friends and family, if you couldn't tell fomr the picture. (the bigest section is of me and my friends) I carry the loyalty of a Hufflepuff, I'll stick with my loved ones throug hand through, even if it does mean some sort of detrimental thing to my own reputation. My family, well I can't get rid of them and even if I can sometimes hate on them, I'll love them all in the end. They shape who I am today, for better or for worse, and I know that even if I do disappoint and make them go crazy, they'll still love me and well, I just feel the same. I've managed to make some really awesome and close friends in high school, friends that I've been with since well, some of them middle school and others freshman year. They're one of the few constants in my life and I know no matter what I do or how I act around them, they won't ever turn their backs on me and I won't ever turn my back on them. No matter what anyone says or do, we stick together and stand up for one another. We're as close-knit as any group can get, but we don't shun other people like a clique. I don't think I'm anywhere near a fierce defender of my friends, I'm more of the quiet moral support, unless, of course, there was a direct attack to one of my friends in front of me. Then well, my reaction is probably more Slytherin than anything. I have a way of twisting words and people's minds and breaking reputations and killing pride. It comes in handy every once in a while.

I am also probably the most curious person you'll ever meet. I have a love of learning and if a subject interests me, I'll look up anything and everything having to do with it and bleed my resources dry. And while I've yet to read the entire dictionary, I love words. There's always a better and more interesting way to say something, and I refuse to confine myself to the 500 most common words in the English language. I'm a dork and subscribe to the word of the day and a lot of the time, I find a way to use the word somewhere whether I say it or write it. I also get a kick out of finding the roots to words and how that helps convey the overall meaning. I took the PSATs this year and got only 3 wrong out of 39 and ommited 2. It was my highest score. Oddly enough, I'm not very good at critical reading, but I practice it as much as I can and I've gotten better, I think, thanks to my Englsih teacher, who is wonderful and basically forces us to analyze things, but in a good, constructive way and I adore him for it.

As for an odd thing about me, I have a weird love for Shakespeare, I don't know when it started but it's there and I'm surprised at how much it's grown over the years. I love love love Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and a Midsummer Night's Dream (though I never got fully through that one). I've got a copy of Taming of the Shrew that I'm goign to read and finish one day, and I carry this little red book full of his famous sonnets and I flip through them at least 2-3 a week and read them aloud, whether I'm alone or in the company of friends. There's a festival celebrating SHakespeare going on till June in DC and I plan on attending as many shows as possible =)

I also have a love for the horror and the macabre. My parents think it's sickening and awful, but I find it very alluring. Of course, horror movies nowadays aren't really that scary, it's all just a bunch of hack and go type of things. I think, the reason I love these movies is the psycological aspect. The really good horror movies out there basically play on your fears, and they also sort fo explore the more intricate and morbid aspects of the human mind. My faovirte horror movie to date I think has to be Halloween. That movie is one of the few that actually had me terrified I'm not sure why, but it did, and I love the music score to it. So amazing. My favorite psycological movie: Donnie Darko. It's just so bizarre and yet everything ties together in the end and yet it doesn't. I absoltuely love it.

And finally, I am a crazy, unpredictable, outgoing and social being. I can make friends with just about anyone and everyone, and I take pride in the fact that I don't discriminate based on well, anything. My friends vary from straight-edged shy people to drug addicts and musicians and cheerleaders and well. I can make friends anyway, and sometimes people think I'm odd and a little bit insane, but again, that's who I am. I can run around and scream at the top of my lungs if I damn well please. I'll take too much pictures and smile too much if it makes me happy and I'll hug you too tight and never let you go. The End =)

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