Embrosia (bohemianvanity) wrote in accio_greathall,

Inter-house Spooking!

Members that want to distribute either tricks or treats will comment directly to this post. These people are Distributors.
    -If you are a Distributor put your name and house as the subject of your comment. The body of your comment should include a brief description of your "house" so that those who approach know what they are getting themselves into. (For example: if your house is decorated with severed body parts then those about to ring the doorbell should beware that you are likely to give a trick or your idea of a treat is rather gruesome.)

Then there are the members dressed up in masks and costumes for Halloween, out and about trick-or-treating. These people are Spooks. As the Spooks are wearing costumes they are unrecognizable. Thus, Spooks will make comment replies under the 'anonymous' setting.
    -If you are a Spooks choose which Distributor's doorbell you want to ring. (You may ring more than one. Heck, you can ring them all if you're feeling lucky!) Reply to the Distributor's comment with the following in the body of your reply: the classic line of "trick or treat!" and then a hint to your identity.

The Distributor will reply to each Spook that replies to their comment with either a trick or a treat and a guess as to who the Spooker is.

Once the Distributor guesses a Spook's correct identity then the Spook MUST REMEMBER to confirm by leaving one last reply that bears their name and title as the subject (so proper points can be awarded for participation).

How do the points work?

Each Distributor and Spook automatically gets 10 points for participating. If one of the tricks or treats are applicable to GFX Alley, Fic Alley, or the Book Club then members can post their creation there and receive points according to that sub-comms point system.

Can I be a Distributor AND a Spook?
Yes, of course!

How do I give someone a 'trick'?
Think of this as similar to the dare option in our truth or dare games in the Great Hall. Examples: make the Spooker make a post in the Great Hall describing their most embarassing moment, ask them a set of HP trivia questions, give them a picture of granny panties to use in one of their sigtags, ect. It really is up to you what you want the Spooker to do!

How do I give someone a 'treat'?
Simply give them something. Examples: write them a fanfic where they fall in love with their favorite character from the series, make them a beautiful sigtag,  give them a coupon redeemable for a favor, ect. Again, be as creative as you want with this!
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