Neth (neth_dugan) wrote in accio_greathall,

You HAVE to see this

My mom sent this link to me, to get my opinion on this site and what it's talking about and... I think just about burst my seams laughing. I'm still giggling.

It's on about being related to quantum physics and how reading certain number patters or looking at certain colours or fractal geometry will some how make your DNA (which, acording to them, is the source of our PERFECT blue print. Get that, perfect blue print? pha!) and so it will then replicate better and release you of your worries and your toxins and make you feel perfect and renewed the next day! Because reading numbers made your DNA happy.

Because, ya know, your DNA can actually think and feel things.

*falls over laughing ass off*

Seriously, this may be showing off my more Claw side but it's hillarious.

Quantum K

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